My Story

As a child, at the age of four years old, I can remember the start of my doll collection. I always chose a doll based off the hair I wanted to do the most. Curly, straight, long and textured hair dolls became a thing for me. As I got older, the hair styling began. All my dolls had different hair styles. Then my friends would come over and I began to do their hair. Their parents would allow me to do their hair for the week, I thought it was pretty cool. The rest became history at this point. I started modeling school to become a professional model in 2003. I graduated from the program and was asked to become a Instructor. I began instructing women and men for 10 years . I taught hair, makeup, runway and etiquette. I later went on to Cosmetology school (Paul Mitchell) where I began to fall more in love with the fashion and beauty industry. All these elements go hand and hand, I had to be the best I could at what I am so passionate about. I graduated from beauty school in 2011. I returned to beauty school in 2014, entering the Cosmetology Instructors Program . I graduated from this program the same year on The Deans List. I have worked very hard in the industry to exemplify that my passions could become a reality. I have since worked in Broadway plays, live television, became published, worked fashion events and did celebrity styling. Being a creative and touching the lives of many positively has brought a lot of purpose to my life and those around me.